Operating in the areas of storage and distribution of butane gas, logistics and transportation, production of cement, the bunkering of fishing vessels and real estate.

President's Word

Dear Visitors,
After many years of commitment to the development of the country, we are happy to see the SKI s.a. group (Kerkoub Company for investment) climb to its current position of national leader in several areas related to national economic activity. With interests covered by its various subsidiaries, SKI sa is currently in the storage and distribution of butane gas, cement, logistics and transport of hydrocarbons, refueling of fishing boats, transit, storage and warehousing, as well as real estate development.

In each of these areas, our Group has proven experience that it will make available to our potential partners.



The Kerkoub Group (Kerkoub Company for Investment - SKI) was created in 2014 by Mr. Mohamed Mahfoud Kerkoub, a successful man, who started his business at a young age. After having managed several companies successfully, Mr. Kerkoub felt the need to have a structure allowing him to supervise the management of his different companies in different sectors and to provide strategic advice for his investments.

Due to the reputation for rigor and honesty of its President, and its entrepreneurial spirit, the SKI Group now has its place among the most important economic operators in Mauritania. The Group now has several subsidiaries and has established good partnership relationships with many national and foreign investors. In Mauritania, there are 9 Group subsidiaries active in various sectors:

- RIM-GAZ sa (Import, Storage, and distribution)
- MKTL (Logistics and transport of hydrocarbons and butane gas)
- HADID CHEMAL SA production of concrete iron

- ESANEP (Supplying boats at sea: hydrocarbons, lubricant, food, packaging, etc.)
- SAADA SAKEN real estate promotion
- SE SA storage in ports
- SMNC SA Consignment
- TMK SA Transit

Abroad, the group has created since the beginning of 2015, 5 companies including 2 for the production of cement, 1 for the production of non-ferrous metal derivatives, 1 for the storage and distribution of butane gas and 1 for the production of concrete iron:

- DAM SA at DAKHLA in Morocco (Factory in activity)
- SACG SA in CONAKRY in Guinea (Ongoing project)
- BMC SA in Bouskoura in Morocco (Factory in activity)
- GNG SA at KAMSAR in Guinea (Factory in activity)
- HADID CHAMAL GUINEE (Factory in activity)


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